"Dolores Furtado and her evasive erotism", by Ana Matinez Quijano


Abate Gallery just opened the exhibition "Protoforme" Dolores Furtado. The suggestive abstraction of two large translucent forms that dominate the room, as the artist explains, arose spontaneously, with the expansive force of the objects themselves. "In the past my sculptures were the size of the manipulable and now confronted with the extent the body, "Furtado notes. Mild forms of transparency (or protoforms), the gummy aspect of surfaces and whitish drips falling a phallic cylinder to give you organic sculptures made rom polyester resin qualities. The forms stand as monuments of desire.

Sexuality, eroticism and organic symptoms are present in the work of several artists of recent generations. Since the eighties, the Argentine Guillermo Kuitca or brazilian Tunga, used frank references to body fluids as material for his works full of meaning.

In the text you type Alejo Ponce de León  about Furtado´s sculptures explains: “as a representation, it would be too hard to try to define the idea they intend to represent; actually, they seem quite literal, self-evident, incapable of representing anything else (…)To be in touch with these figures for a prolonged period of time, may lead us to think about different organic processes, regulated or unconscious: the slow invigoration of the muscles, for instance, or the soft tissue that swells up with blood; the appearance of stains in the skin, the unwilling secretion of fluids or simply blushing”