"Khaki Menhir, black Lover", by Marcelo Galindo


I have more concrete, more concrete than a truck or than an aeroplane”

Furtado´s objects have the capacity of being thought as “something that already existed”; not the representation and re-elaboration of a cultural object that moves from an historic period to another, but the presence of an intermediate state between the virgin material and the most essential manufacture.  

A wall could be the exact happy medium.

Thought as sculptures, they could probably replace stone; so as stones, they could be catalogued as remains from a work of experimental archaeology.    

“I am never certain of what I am going to do; it`s usually born from a material, a color, a texture and I move on from there. During the process everything can change completely, I incorporate whatever comes up. I also choose materials that particularly have a big margin of “error”, like resin and I use them in a way that little can be controlled.”

If we come close to "Menhir" and to "Amante" we can see all kinds of fissures, small transparencies and bright parts that if we compare them to a wall or a stone, we could say that Furtado has the ability of being much more delicate. Nevertheless, looking at the shapeless finish of some of her stones we could also say that she has as well the capacity of being absolutely unconsidered with the material.

An intermediate state between the most essential manufacture and a sculpture.

If they make me choose I rather find them in an initiation ritual than in a gallery.

If I can´t choose I go to see them to the museum.